Tile installation

At HandyForce we have many years of experience with tiling residential homes as well as commercial properties. This has led us to identify some common issues that people tend to have, as well as learn what concerns and questions people typically worry about.

So in order to make your next tiling project as smooth and painless as possible, we have created this short guide to get you up to speed with everything relating to tile installation. Enjoy!

Briefly about tiles

There are many benefits to using tiling in your own home, rental property, or even office  space. Tiles have a relatively long lifespan, and they can easily be cleaned and made to look as if new again.

We use tiles in many places in our homes, from the protective layers of tiles covering the wet areas in the bathroom, used as flooring or on countertops, or for lining our kitchen walls with tiles that provide a great look and even better hygiene.

At the same time, people have a large selection of materials to choose from, allowing everyone to find something that matches their personal tastes perfectly. Some of the most popular types of tiles include:

  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Mosaics

While there are other types of tiles, like marble, inlaid ones and more, the above are the most common, due to their relatively low cost, ease of installation, and long lasting properties.

How to get the best prices for tile installation contractors

If you are at a point where you know that you need help with your tile installation, then researching a few different companies is a great first step. By looking at what the different companies in your area have to offer, you might be able to limit your options already.

Of course the cost is a major concern that many people have, but it is important to be aware that an incorrectly done job can lead to future damage, and even hide certain structural issues as well.

Therefore, money should only be part of the overall equation when finding your next contractor for tile installation. You should also remember that the types of tiles can have a large impact on the overall cost for the project, so you should always be able to find something that matches your budget, while still looking great.

Arguably more important than the price, is the quality of work the contractors are able to deliver. At HandyForce we are proud to offer some of the best services in our area, due to our skilled and friendly workers that are educated and experienced in all types of tiling needs.

We are also aware that incorrect tiling can lead to health issues in certain areas, lower home valuations and other critical aspects, which is why we only deliver results of the highest quality, no matter the project.

Contacting one or more companies in order to get a quote can be a good next step, allowing you to hear more about what options you have available, as well as get a good feel of the type of people working in a given company.

What is a “Premier” renovation

No two companies are the same. And at The HandyForce we fully believe that. In fact, we have a few unique policies and services of our own, such as our comforting One Year Guarantee, as well as an extended HomeCare Plan that makes it easy and convenient to be a homeowner.

Why not for everyone?

Unlike most other contractors, when it comes to our Premier Renovation services, we only work with clients we already have a relationship with. This might seem odd at first glance, but it is our way of ensuring a successful project every time, since this way we will know our client, their preferences and their levels of expectation.

Put another way, once we know you, we also know whether we will be able to deliver a result that is more than satisfactory, and we will know what it takes to achieve that.

For us, few things are more important than customer satisfaction, worker safety being one of them, which is why we prefer establishing a certain level of trust and relationship with our clients before completely changing their bathroom or remodeling their kitchen.

After all, these changes are rather permanent and expensive, which makes the need for perfection at first try even more important than usual.

Our different Premier Services

We offer extensive renovation services to our previous clients in three different categories: The basement, the bathroom and the kitchen.

For each of these areas in the house, we have skilled tradesmen with years of experience and a professional education, to ensure every project is completed in full compliance of any local or regional regulations or laws, and to ensure the quality is as good as possible.

Bathroom, Basement & Kitchen renovations

These areas are some of the most used rooms in every household, and also areas that needs to serve many different purposes.

From the kitchen being a safe space for the entire family where they can enjoy each other’s company while eating dinner, offering a quick and easy midnight glass of ice cold water, to the basement providing enough space for having guests over, these rooms need to be functional, but also inviting and beautiful.

A great basement not only serves its purpose, but also helps create a certain mood and atmosphere, whether you use it to house your teenage child, or perhaps just for storage.

Having a beautiful kitchen will not only make basic chores feel more manageable, but also help sell your home in case you decide to move.

Most prospective home buyers look at the kitchens and bathrooms as some of the major points of concern and interest. Everybody needs a functioning kitchen or bathroom, and at the same time as trends change, so do our tastes in design and decor.

At The HandyForce we can help shape and build your new kitchen, basement or bathroom, to not only fit your everyday needs, but also ensure you will get the best possible value for your money, whether you sell your house or use the rooms yourself.

Our One Year Guarantee

At The HandyForce we believe in offering a quality service for each of our clients, to ensure their trust and to establish ourselves as a respected business in the community. All the work we perform is done to the highest standards, and we stand behind our decisions and our craft.

To make it easy for you to decide to put your trust and invest your hard earned money in projects run by us, we have come up with our unique One Year Guarantee.

In short you can expect to get all the help you need, if you against all expectations, should have any issues while we are working, but also up to one year after we have completed our work.

How it works

We believe in making it as easy as possible to understand our guarantee, which is why you are fully covered in up to one year after completion of the project.

If you experience any issues with any of the specifics we have been working on, we will be there shortly in order to fix the underlying problem, and of course perform the maintenance or repair job for free. It’s that simple.

Some of the things our guarantee covers:

  • Paint peeling
  • Paint discoloration
  • Door hinges being stuck
  • Cracks, chips, holes
  • Poor alignments
  • Creaking sounds
  • And much more.

No customer of ours ever needs to fear much however, as we are known for, and proud of, delivering one of the highest quality services in all of Ontario and the surrounding areas.

Still, it is our hope that with this policy, even the smallest concerns might be eliminated, so we can all continue on improving and maintaining your home to the best of our ability.

No hassle Policy

Not only do we offer this policy as the only one of its kind in the business, but we also extend this extra service to include a No Hassle Policy.

This makes it easy and convenient for you to get coverage and help, without us asking a lot of complicated questions, or requiring mountains of data and documentation.

This is not an exclusive contract for certain members either. All of our clients are covered by our One Year Guarantee, making it an attractive safetynet compared to other contracting companies out there.

How can we do this?

By offering an extended guarantee like ours, The HandyForce covers a wide range of potential issues, it might seem like a sure way to lose money over time. But that is not what we have found. In fact, our customers rarely if ever need to make use of this guarantee.

That is because our work is always performed by skilled tradesmen and craftspeople, who take pride in their work, and never compromise on quality or cut corners to save time, leaving very few mistakes and errors to be covered by the guarantee in the first place.

And since we also use products of a high quality, our customers can count on both the materials and the workforce being up to the task, every single time. That is our guarantee to you!

What Are the Commercial Handyman Services?

We are all aware of the advantages of having a handyman around the house who can professionally fix and maintain a variety of things, from the shelving in the garage to the appliances in the kitchen. However, were you aware that handyman services are offered for commercial establishments?

The following are just some of the many services that can be provided by a handyman working at a commercial building.

7 Commercial Handyman Services


A handyman can assist you in resolving various plumbing issues, including a clogged sink in the employee restroom and the desire to plan routine maintenance for your entire plumbing system. This will allow you to maintain your attention on the operation of your firm.


Particularly significant are the duties that a handyman service may undertake for you associated with HVAC systems. Some problems need to be treated by a qualified HVAC technician, but some tasks, like changing the filters, could be performed on the cheap by a handyman.

Electrical and Lighting

Electrical problems are among the most frequently encountered problems that require the services of a handyman. A handyman may assist with a variety of tasks, including the repair of light switches and outlets, the replacement of light bulbs, and the maintenance of smoke alarms.

Miscellaneous Installations

Installation work is one of the most common and broad categories of jobs that may be given to handyman services. A handyman can assist with the arrangement of compartments, hanging portraits and televisions, hanging shelves, and installing numerous other types of fittings.


It would appear that painting projects are still being worked on in an office. Hiring a professional painter is probably your best option if you need to paint a floor filled with offices. However, if the trimwork or the walls need to be fixed, a business handyman service can often take care of these issues for you.

A significant painting project almost always results in some paint being left over, so keep that in mind. Keep it in an area where the temperature and humidity are constant so you can access it easily whenever you need to make adjustments.

Roof Inspection

Do you have roof problems in your commercial building? You can book roof inspections with a handyman in your area. The handyman will provide you with maintenance and repair to help maintain your roof in the best condition.

Flooring Restoration

The floor is very important in building a super business image. Therefore, you don’t have to let your business property deteriorate with a poor floor. Hire the services of a handyman for quality flooring restoration.


Hiring a commercial handyman service on hand to handle minor projects is analogous to having an additional pair of hands available for the job. Since you never realize when a maintenance or repair job may need to be done, having this around can be quite helpful. Be sure to research the organization you are considering hiring, including checking their references and looking into their history.