What Are the Commercial Handyman Services?

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We are all aware of the advantages of having a handyman around the house who can professionally fix and maintain a variety of things, from the shelving in the garage to the appliances in the kitchen. However, were you aware that handyman services are offered for commercial establishments?

The following are just some of the many services that can be provided by a handyman working at a commercial building.

7 Commercial Handyman Services


A handyman can assist you in resolving various plumbing issues, including a clogged sink in the employee restroom and the desire to plan routine maintenance for your entire plumbing system. This will allow you to maintain your attention on the operation of your firm.


Particularly significant are the duties that a handyman service may undertake for you associated with HVAC systems. Some problems need to be treated by a qualified HVAC technician, but some tasks, like changing the filters, could be performed on the cheap by a handyman.

Electrical and Lighting

Electrical problems are among the most frequently encountered problems that require the services of a handyman. A handyman may assist with a variety of tasks, including the repair of light switches and outlets, the replacement of light bulbs, and the maintenance of smoke alarms.

Miscellaneous Installations

Installation work is one of the most common and broad categories of jobs that may be given to handyman services. A handyman can assist with the arrangement of compartments, hanging portraits and televisions, hanging shelves, and installing numerous other types of fittings.


It would appear that painting projects are still being worked on in an office. Hiring a professional painter is probably your best option if you need to paint a floor filled with offices. However, if the trimwork or the walls need to be fixed, a business handyman service can often take care of these issues for you.

A significant painting project almost always results in some paint being left over, so keep that in mind. Keep it in an area where the temperature and humidity are constant so you can access it easily whenever you need to make adjustments.

Roof Inspection

Do you have roof problems in your commercial building? You can book roof inspections with a handyman in your area. The handyman will provide you with maintenance and repair to help maintain your roof in the best condition.

Flooring Restoration

The floor is very important in building a super business image. Therefore, you don’t have to let your business property deteriorate with a poor floor. Hire the services of a handyman for quality flooring restoration.


Hiring a commercial handyman service on hand to handle minor projects is analogous to having an additional pair of hands available for the job. Since you never realize when a maintenance or repair job may need to be done, having this around can be quite helpful. Be sure to research the organization you are considering hiring, including checking their references and looking into their history.