What is a “Premier” renovation

The HandyForce handyman Toronto Bathroom Renovation

No two companies are the same. And at The HandyForce we fully believe that. In fact, we have a few unique policies and services of our own, such as our comforting One Year Guarantee, as well as an extended HomeCare Plan that makes it easy and convenient to be a homeowner.

Why not for everyone?

Unlike most other contractors, when it comes to our Premier Renovation services, we only work with clients we already have a relationship with. This might seem odd at first glance, but it is our way of ensuring a successful project every time, since this way we will know our client, their preferences and their levels of expectation.

Put another way, once we know you, we also know whether we will be able to deliver a result that is more than satisfactory, and we will know what it takes to achieve that.

For us, few things are more important than customer satisfaction, worker safety being one of them, which is why we prefer establishing a certain level of trust and relationship with our clients before completely changing their bathroom or remodeling their kitchen.

After all, these changes are rather permanent and expensive, which makes the need for perfection at first try even more important than usual.

Our different Premier Services

We offer extensive renovation services to our previous clients in three different categories: The basement, the bathroom and the kitchen.

For each of these areas in the house, we have skilled tradesmen with years of experience and a professional education, to ensure every project is completed in full compliance of any local or regional regulations or laws, and to ensure the quality is as good as possible.

Bathroom, Basement & Kitchen renovations

These areas are some of the most used rooms in every household, and also areas that needs to serve many different purposes.

From the kitchen being a safe space for the entire family where they can enjoy each other’s company while eating dinner, offering a quick and easy midnight glass of ice cold water, to the basement providing enough space for having guests over, these rooms need to be functional, but also inviting and beautiful.

A great basement not only serves its purpose, but also helps create a certain mood and atmosphere, whether you use it to house your teenage child, or perhaps just for storage.

Having a beautiful kitchen will not only make basic chores feel more manageable, but also help sell your home in case you decide to move.

Most prospective home buyers look at the kitchens and bathrooms as some of the major points of concern and interest. Everybody needs a functioning kitchen or bathroom, and at the same time as trends change, so do our tastes in design and decor.

At The HandyForce we can help shape and build your new kitchen, basement or bathroom, to not only fit your everyday needs, but also ensure you will get the best possible value for your money, whether you sell your house or use the rooms yourself.