The Top Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When renovating your home it is important to do it properly. Not only will incorrect renovations lead to potential safety risks, it can also decrease the value of your property, and make it much harder to sell on the market.

In order to help you with your next project, we have gathered a list of some of the most common mistakes Canadian homeowners make when renovating their homes. Keep these tips in mind when you are planning your next design, and achieve success effortlessly. Good luck!

Not spending enough time on the budget

One of the most common mistakes is rushing the budget. We get it. Not everyone loves looking at spreadsheets or researching costs of building materials. But it is a necessary step in ensuring a successful project that will not cost two or three times more than the money you initially thought.

Doing the wrong things yourself

While there are a number of things you can do yourself when renovating a home, you should know when to step back and let the professionals handle things.

When it comes to anything relating to the structural integrity, plumbing, electricity or general safety, having a skilled team of experts work on it will not only yield better results, but might also keep you out of trouble in terms of accidents or lawsuits.

Forgetting the permits

Many homeowners get excited about the prospects of adding a new extension to their home, removing the old stove, or one of the many other things that typically requires a permit. But not obtaining the correct permits can lead to many issues.

From being unable to sell your house until you fix the problems, to monetary fines or even dangerous situations. You should therefore always check whether your project requires acceptance from local authorities.

Ignoring safety issues

Similarly to permits, it is easy for homeowners to focus on all the more interesting parts of the project, but you should never forget to make sure that the work area is safe, and that any hazards are identified and addressed before starting the renovation.

It is critical to stay safe through any type of renovation project, as well as ensure the work that is done is up to code and industry standards. Ignoring common safety principles can lead to injuries and accidents, as well as fines from local authorities.

Thinking all renovations add value

Many people have heard stories of homeowners buying a house, fixing it up, and selling it for huge profits. But this is not always the case. You just do not hear as much from those who lost their life savings in a botched renovation project.

In order for your renovation to add value to your overall finances, not only should the cost be kept at an appropriate level, but your renovation should also entice potential buyers to be willing to pay that extra. Thus you should always choose styles and materials that will have as broad an appeal as possible.

Underestimating the time or money required

Finally, many Canadian homeowners think that renovating a complete kitchen can be done in a week. And while it might be possible in some cases, oftentimes once you start ripping out the old cabinets, you can find other hidden issues that will need fixing as well.

If you are also planning on moving electrical or plumbing installations for your hardware in the kitchen, you should also account for the fact that contractors might not be available the very next day. So expect plenty of time is required for each project, and be happily surprised if it goes faster than planned for.

The Importance of Proper Home Lighting

Lighting is a critical component of any home. Especially so in Canada where the colder months are filled with gray weather and skies clouding the sun out. Good lighting not only illuminates our living space but also enhances the aesthetic appeal and sets the mood of the environment.

And on top of that, proper home lighting can also have a positive impact on our mood and mental health. By ensuring you have adequate natural and artificial lighting throughout your home, you can thus set yourself up for success and a more enjoyable life.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important reasons for installing good lighting in your home, and how it can affect your daily life. Enjoy!

Helping with your sleep

Having proper lighting goes a long way in ensuring we keep a positive outlook in our daily lives. Both natural and artificial light can have a big impact on your circadian rhythms, meaning you could experience issues with falling asleep, or waking up too often during the night, if your lighting is not effectively helping you recharge your energy levels and regulate your internal clock.

Combating seasonal disorders

At the same time, here in Canada where the winter months can be long and dark, many people experience seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. This disorder can drain your energy levels, impact your mood for the worse, and in general cause a mental state of depression. This typically happens when we go from fall to winter, but it could happen at any time of the year.

Ensuring a comfortable working environment

If you are working from home, it is also important to consider the risk of eye strain, fatigue and other related symptoms caused by poor or inadequate lighting. With an increasing number of Canadians working from home, this is more relevant now than ever as poor lighting can even affect your overall productivity and induce headaches.

Keeps the homeowners safe

Whether you are living alone, with small children or your retired spouse, lighting is also crucial in staying free of accidents. Poor lighting leads to an increase in accidents such as falls, cuts and other injuries. By ensuring your fixtures output an adequate amount of light, you can effectively make your home a safer place to be for everyone visiting or living there.

Ways in which you can upgrade your lighting at home

There are many different methods to choose from, depending on your specific needs. We have gathered a short list of some of the most common options that homeowners choose, so hopefully you will find some inspiration here.

  • Adding more light sources can help distribute light more evenly and reduce shadows.
  • Installing dimmer switches allows you to adjust the brightness of your lighting to fit your needs and save energy.
  • Different types of light bulbs can produce different color temperatures. Some are more suitable for reading and working, while others are for doing chores.
  • Maximizing the natural light in a room can help reduce the need for artificial lighting and create a more pleasant atmosphere.
  • Smart lighting systems allow you to control your lighting from a mobile device, voice assistant, or home automation hub.
  • Replacing outdated or ineffective light fixtures can significantly improve the quality of your lighting.

If you are unsure about the best approach to obtaining proper lighting, consider contacting us. At HandyForce we are always available for a consultation, and we can provide recommendations and even perform the required work all together.

The Advantages of a Home Office Renovation

With more and more Canadians working from home, the business of home office renovations has seen a surge in recent years. This is in part due to general comfort, but there are many other advantages as well.

In this article we will examine some of the benefits you can look forward to, if you choose to renovate your home office today. So if you are not certain whether spending money and effort on an improved home office is worth it, we suggest you keep reading to find out for sure!

Adds to the value of the home

A properly designed and renovated home office can be a huge selling point when your home goes on the open market. You are not the only one working from home, and if the future buyers can save time and energy on creating a home office from scratch, it might be worth some money upfront to them.

If you are concerned about adding value via your renovations, consider using materials and colors that will stand the test of time. While you might be in love with the color purple, chances are that the new prospective buyers will not be.

Can increase your productivity

Renovating your home office can also be a way to get more done during working hours. Perhaps your walls are too thinly insulated, making it possible to hear your baby next door crying, or traffic from the outside roads.

It might also be a question of whether your current windows are not letting in enough light, in which case a dormer or larger windows could be viable options to help you stay focused during longer sessions.

Can also make your home greener

If you are renovating your home office anyway, consider adding in features to help make it more environmentally friendly. Perhaps your old light fixtures need to be updated with LED bulbs, or you could add efficient floor heating and remove that old heater that is drawing too much electricity.

You might even opt for certain organic and sustainable materials sourced from reputable suppliers, letting you work from home with a clean conscience and a unique looking office.

Can improve the function of the room

When renovating your office at home, you should also consider ways in which you can make the space more functional and comfortable for the longer days. Perhaps you have been growing tired of a lack of storage, in which case you might wish to consider some ways to alleviate that.

If your home office is not the largest out there, it might be a good idea to consider installing a sliding door instead of keeping the old traditional door. This way you can get more out of your floor plan, and at the same time also add a unique design element to your office.

Can also enhance your creative energy

By keeping in mind what makes you inspired, whether it be the beautiful color of a bamboo floor, wall to wall shelves, or something else entirely, you can also achieve a more creative outlook once done renovating.

Or perhaps your current floor plan does not allow for a full standing desk setup, in which case you might need to knock down a wall, or rearrange the existing layout. Similarly you should also consider ways in which to reduce clutter and distractions.

Why a Shark Tank Investor Endorses HandyForce

HandyForce is not just a leading Canadian home services company, but also a successful franchising opportunity that offers individuals the chance to become part of something larger. By allying with the right people, we have found success in more ways than we originally had hoped for.

That is why we are proud that Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington is endorsing our business model and company overall. And while Harrington has not directly invested in the company, the endorsement goes a long way in greenlighting or concept and philosophy. So if you are interested in learning more, then this article is for you. Enjoy!

Our unique approach to the home services industry

One of the main reasons why Kevin Harrington has given his stamp of approval, has to do with the way we have modernized the business model.

We are using modern, data-driven techniques in order to gleam insights from customers and use that to improve our marketing and services.

And seeing as how Harrington himself is a seasoned entrepreneur and business expert himself, Harrington’s endorsement carries weight in more ways than one.

We are different from the competition

By allowing individual entrepreneurs to start their own home services businesses under the HandyForce brand, we are able to distinguish ourselves from competitors who mainly operate in local areas. We have thus become recognized in many different parts of Canada, and our mission is to become a household name.

Our franchising opportunity not only helps expand the reach and results of HandyForce itself, but also provides new opportunities for aspiring business owners looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and achieve a headstart in the industry at the same time.

We offer an unrivaled customer service experience

Harrington knows full well that acquiring the customers is only one piece of the puzzle. It is perhaps even more important to produce quality results that ensures customers recommend the company to others, as well as return for their next renovation projects.

That is why we are fully committed to offering the best customer service possible, as well as only delivering quality work, no matter the size of the job we are performing. All our employees are passionate about what they do, and that shows.

We professionally train our staff

Many other contracting companies simply hired skilled staff from the same talent pool of options. We do things differently in this field as well. Our main goal is to hire great people with potential, and then train them in our specific ways of doing business. This ensures the same level of quality no matter who performs the work, and we also make it possible for employees to rise in ranks over time.

Final thoughts

When all is said and done, Harrington’s endorsement of HandyForce is more than just a celebrity stamp of approval. As a savvy business person himself, he recognizes our potential for success and growth, and is willing to put his name behind it. Something we are extremely proud of.

Click here to watch our interview with Kevin Harrington!