At The Handy Force we’re passionate about making your house a home.

Our team of skilled tradespeople and dedicated office staff are committed to making your home renovations and handyman services experience positive.

Since 2010, we’ve been providing superior handyman services in East York, the Beaches, Leaside, Cabbage Town and Leslieville.

Our Team

Paul Switzeny

Tell us a little about you:

Paul is a born entrepreneur and self-taught computer programmer. Previously, Paul owned a consulting business that created brand identities and marketing materials for small-medium sized businesses. After moving to Toronto in 2009, he quickly saw the need for an organized, professional handyman service after having been through a home renovation himself. He decided to tackle the problem head on with his marketing and systemization skills. Paul loves cooking and is an avid runner.

Why are you part of The HandyForce?

Paul founded The HandyForce in 2010 after having been through a major home renovation and could not find reliable people to do the little things. After learning about the industry he also realized that there was a systemic problem: Trades people were generally taught very bad habits and treated poorly by their employers. Paul set out to change that by creating a stable work environment where the staff have a healthy work life balance and opportunity to learn and grow.

The HandyForce Project Manager

Justin Mohammed

Tell us a little about you:

My name is Justin; I am a huge family orientated person. I bring years of residential construction
experience with me, I live by the statement respect is earned not given. I spend my free time running a
car club for car enthusiast.

Why are you part of The HandyForce?

I am a part of the HandyForce because of the difference we are trying to make in this industry. At The
HandyForce we treat every clients home as if it was our own, our clients feel comfortable knowing we
are not like our competitors and we have their best interest in mind.


Stephen Laing

Tell us a little about you:

My name is Stephen, with me I bring along a positive attitude, sharp wit and a sunny disposition. You just can’t bring me down with these pandemic blues.

Why are you part of The HandyForce?

The HandyForce offers professionalism that you don’t see in this industry nowadays. Changing industries from Event Venue Manager turned Project Quoter, I believe in the vision The HandyForce has for changing how people see the everyday “contractor”.

Larry Smith

Tell us a little about you:

Larry Smith is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 40 years experience. He held senior roles in many industries including retail, food services, cosmetics, entertainment, and home health care franchising in both financial and operational roles. Larry’s enthusiasm for franchising began when he co-founded a franchise system that specialized in gourmet cookies in 1993 and has never left the franchise world since then. After 15 years as Franchise Operations VP with a national home health care system, Larry opened a consulting business to help small businesses develop and launch a franchise model.

Why are you part of The HandyForce?

Larry has built his career in working with organizations that have the strong leadership to care about the quality of their products and the work that they do. The HandyForce easily meets that definition, putting the customer first in all operational decisions while maintaining high ethical standards, all in a fun environment. Larry looks forward to helping in the growth of The HandyForce Franchise network.