At The HandyForce , diversity is greatly valued and essential to our success.

At The HandyForce we strive to give people in the trades a better place to work. We focus on equal opportunity, work life balance and comfortable, sustainable incomes for all of our people.

The HandyForce’s success is built on a wide variety of employees united by the common desire to be part of a kind, helpful and caring team. We aim to create a healthy, safe and rewarding work environment where everyone can excel and realize their full potential in a highly competitive and complex industry. We recognize the contributions of all employees to our shared success and the essential role each person plays in our mission to bring unparalleled service and craftsmanship to the home renovation industry.

We want to inspire, encourage and motivate our employees to feel satisfied and excel in everything they do.

Our employment equity and diversity program includes recruitment, integration, training and job retention actions for everyone.

Don’t just get a job, become part of a family.

Junior handyman

Junior Handymen are responsible for assisting Master Handymen on site. They are people who are new to the renovation industry and have a thirst for knowledge. Solid work ethic, a passion for customer care and a can do attitude are key traits of Junior Handymen.

Master HandyMan

Master Handymen are responsible for the successful execution of a project. They are highly skilled, mobile and fully equipped professional renovators. They are completely proficient in most, if not all, aspects of home renovation and have years of experience in the industry.

Customer Experience Manager

The Customer Experience Manager is responsible for ensuring that customer expectations are met. They have project management experience, strong communication skills and a proven ability to meet or exceed targets. The Customer Experience Manager is a problem solver and builder of client dreams!

Project Consultant

Project Consultants are responsible for client care and project guidance. As a first point of contact, they truly are the face of the business and needs to be well spoken and have a peaceful demeanor. Project Consultants embody the customer first mentality and help guide clients through the complication of renovating.

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