The Advantages of Energy Efficient Home Renovations

One of the most popular reasons for renovating homes in Canada is in order to achieve a more energy efficient home. And for good reason. The winters here can be brutal, and even spring and fall can see the temperatures plummet overnight.

Having a well insulated home that does not waste energy unnecessarily is one of the easiest ways to save money without much effort. Once it is installed that is. In this article we list some of the different benefits you can look forward to by renovating your home and making it more energy efficient.

Lower energy bills

This is what most people think of when talking about efficient and green home renovations. There are a number of different ways in which you can lower your need for electricity, gas and other power and heating sources, all of which share the same goal: to lower your energy bill.

In Canada one of the most important things is insulation. Whether this is by padding the roof with a thick layer to keep out the cold winds, or whether it is to upgrade your windows with new energy efficient materials.

If this is your primary concern, we recommend you talk to your contractor about which renovations make the most sense in terms of return on your investment, as some renovations can pay for themselves in a few years, while others might take decades.

A more comfortable home

By renovating your home to become more efficient, you can achieve a warmer indoor climate that just feels nicer living in. And with the lower energy costs, it will also make it psychologically easier to turn up the heat to full when the cold winds are threatening your comfort level.

By filling out empty areas around doors, windows and other openings in your home, you can eliminate drafts, improve your insulation and achieve a more stable climate. And if you choose the right materials, you will even get a cooling benefit during the warmest months of the year as well.

Helping our planet

The less energy your home uses every year, the more environmentally friendly your home is considered to be. Due to the geographical location, Canadian homes are using roughly twice as much energy a year compared to a home in the United Kingdom.

By upgrading, insulating and renovating with the environment in mind, you can do your part in protecting our planet and slowing down the effects of global warming. We have already begun to see the effects of this trend, as 2019 saw a 0.4% decrease in yearly emissions for homes. A good start, but we can do better still.

It will increase the value of the home

Finally, performing energy efficient upgrades to your home will inevitably raise the value when reselling it down the line. As more and more consumers are aware of the environmental challenges, and as prices for gas and electricity continue to rise, this will only be more important as time goes on.

Another added benefit is that if a potential buyer is deciding between your house and another, but your house has energy efficient upgrades, that could just be the deciding factor. Even if the other home is located in a slightly more desirable area or similar.