How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home: Tips from the Pros

Whether you wish to paint your home on the interior or exterior, the decision of which color to pick can be difficult to make. After all, this is typically a color you will need to live with for an extended period of time and something you will be looking at on a daily basis. So it is important to get it right.

The color of your home can also directly impact potential buyers’ interest in it and will be an important factor in the overall aesthetic and mood that it provides. So here are some tips for choosing the right color paint for your home. Enjoy!

Seek Inspiration

Our first tip is to look around the neighborhood to see what other people are doing. Someone else will have already spent time and effort considering the environment and type of houses where you live, and with today’s technology, you can snap a photo with your phone to save any color scheme you like on your way to or from work, for instance.

If you do not find any specific colors you like on existing homes or are looking for interior colors, your next best option is to visit your local hardware store. They will typically have a wide range of physical color samples that you can bring back home for a small fee (sometimes even for free), which you can then consider.

If you do use color samples, you should be careful that painting a full home can appear more sharp and intense than what you see on the small sample. Another idea is to seek professional input from experienced decorators or contractors.

At The HandyForce, we have many years of experience painting homes and selecting colors that match homeowners’ personalities and neighborhoods. If you would like help with manual labor or prefer a consultation with our professionals, please contact us today.

Consider the Mood and Ambiance

Think about the mood and ambiance you wish to achieve. You might prefer more neutral colors for the interior walls that create a fresh and airy sensation. Or you could opt for darker tones that will help you settle into your favorite reading chair once you dim the lights in the evening.

As for the exterior paint, it can often help to consider the architectural style of your home as well as its size. Newer homes tend to have clean lines and an understated look without too many details. By leaning into this, you can go for more neutral colors to keep this theme going.

On the other hand, older homes tend to have ornamental features and other details that can be painted in separate colors. They also typically feature more earthy tones or pastels, which work particularly well with wooden exteriors.

Do Not Overcommit

Once you have decided on a particular color of paint, you can buy as much as you need. However, you can also buy a small container that will let you paint a single wall, or even just a portion of it, to fully experience the color before you commit.

If you are choosing between a few colors that all have potential, you could even paint the colors on a piece of cardboard or chipboard to move around and see how the color reacts to shade, sunlight, and other factors that might help you make your final decision.

No matter what you choose, remember that your own instincts are the ones that matter most. Paint is not the most difficult thing to change down the line, so you can experiment and have fun with your colors without too much worry.