The Benefits of Custom Home Renovations

Living in your home should feel great, no matter if the temperatures outside are soaring or plummeting, if you are doing chores or relaxing on the sofa. Custom home renovations are a great way to add some personality to your home, while also upgrading the comfort and value at the same time.

Some custom renovations completely change the feel and look of the home, while others focus on a single room. Regardless of your wishes, these specific types of efforts can help you feel more at ease, making it your own little paradise.

So in this article we will take a closer look at some of the different advantages and options you have when considering custom home renovations. Enjoy!

A personalized home to fit your every need

As opposed to a normal renovation, a custom home renovation entails making the space your own and catering to your specific needs and wishes.

Whether that means adding an outdoor spa, turning the unused attic into a home office, or creating a modern and functional open kitchen area is up to you. The only limit is your imagination, and of course budget.

By not just going for the standard choices, but really considering what you and your family needs, you can achieve something truly personal that fits like a glove and makes you feel as though you never want to leave.

Increased Home Value

As long as your custom home renovations are not solely for your own enjoyment, meaning that other people might appreciate them as well, then your efforts might be rewarded in terms of a higher value once selling your home.

Whether you remodel with an open floor plan, connecting the kitchen and dining room, or modernize the hardwood floors and floor panels, custom home renovations can be a profitable pursuit. Just keep in mind what other people are looking for as well, and if possible keep your renovations as timeless and with as wide an appeal as possible.

Can improve the safety and add peace of mind

Sometimes these custom home renovations are not just about adding personal touches, but instead adapting the space to fit the human needs we all have. Older generations might want to install different handrails, safeguards and other gear to help avoid painful falls, or at least provide an option to get back on your feet if an accident occurs.

Families with young children might wish to childproof their swimming pools, make the stairways safer to traverse and so on. These things can provide an ease of mind, leading to less stress and worry in the long run.

The whole idea of custom home renovations is to solve an issue or address a need particular to you and your loved ones, so while the suggestions are some common things, the possibilities are endless.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal

Other custom renovations of homes focus more on the visual aspect. Whether it is removing all the old wallpaper and replacing it with modern ones, or knocking down that annoying wall that once housed an old stove.

The benefits of spending some effort on upgrading the look of your home are many, and includes making your day a little brighter, creating a more enjoyable home, and even impressing the neighbors or potential buyers with your newly gained curb appeal.

The benefits of the HomeCare Plan

Are you finding that your lawn is looking like it could use a good trim, but is everyday life and work getting in your way? Perhaps you just prefer not getting dirt under your fingernails, or maybe you would rather be doing something else entirely.

Regardless of why, we at The HandyForce are always ready to help take care of your home, just as if it was our own!

That is why we offer our attractive Homecare package, where you are fully covered in terms of everything from maintaining the floorboards, to weeding out unwanted plants in the backyard.

In this article we will explain in detail what exactly this HomeCare Plan covers, and what benefits that homeowners can look forward to. Enjoy!

All inclusive and transparent pricing model

For a single yearly payment, we will perform the necessary work on your property in all 4 seasons, or you can choose to have us come around in the Fall and Spring! Details can be found here.

These packages include all the necessary materials and equipment, which we will bring ourselves, all products and gear of a high quality, fully up to the industry standards.

We believe in a simple pricing model, which means you will never receive an extra bill for the work we perform. Just the quoted price, and no more. Easy!

The same high quality of work as always

Some homeowners are cautious about letting other people work on their dream home. But as hundreds of previous clients can attest to, we at The HandyForce take pride and perform as best we can.

That includes making sure homeowners are comfortable with the work we do, and together we will go over which projects you would like us to work on, and which flower bushes definitely must not be trimmed.

In short, we will take care of your home as if it were our own.

Protect your investment properly

Our HomeCare Plan not only helps you get to the bottom of the ever changing list of chores inside the house and outside, but we also focus on checking for common signs of wear and tear that might turn into more serious issues over time.

At the same time our trained personnel will also look out for any naturally caused damage, such as from extreme weather or a change in the levels of groundwater etc.

All in all we will perform a thorough inspection of your home, to ensure there are no hidden problems gnawing away at your investment, so you can rest easy knowing your home is in good care.

What does the HomeCare Plan include?

We have outlined a large list of specific tasks on our service page for the HomeCare Plan, with an easy overview sorted by seasons, allowing you to quickly glance through and see what we offer.

But since you’re already here, we thought just to mention a few popular tasks that are included in our HomeCare Plan:

  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Clearing dead plants and shrubs
  • Inspecting the foundations
  • Changing and inspecting HVAC filters
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink disposal
  • Power washing your deck or patio
  • Checking and cleaning the dryer vent
  • Replacing light bulbs, including those that are hard to reach
  • Testing pumps and water heaters
  • Ensuring all locking mechanisms works on the doors