The Most Popular Home Renovation Styles of the Year

The Most Popular Home Renovation Styles of the Year

There are many avenues to take for homeowners looking to upgrade their home with a new and pleasing interior style. But there are countless styles to choose from, and because of the cost and time required, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to go for.

Regardless of whether you wish to begin on a complete overhaul of your entire home, or you are just looking to renovate your kitchen, knowing which styles and trends are popular at the moment can help in guiding your decision.

So we will be examining some of the most popular home renovation styles of the year, with a particular focus on the Canadian homeowners, where we will explore the different features of each style, as well as provide some general tips for anyone looking to renovate their home. Enjoy!

1. The modern style

This one might be the most difficult to actually pull off well. There are so many different interpretations of a modern interior, and so many pieces of furniture, types of wallpaper and hardware to choose from.

For this style you should consider elements such as metal, glass and concrete. The colors tend to be fairly bold but not colorful, so black and white are great options here. Ultimately, it all comes down to obtaining a balance and harmony between the different elements you add.

2. The rustic style

This style has seen a surge as of late, as it ties in well with the recycled and sustainable method of thinking. Here it is possible to achieve a relatively inexpensive look that offers plenty of charm, while also being environmentally friendly.

Whether you take this all the way to a rustic cabin feel, or simply choose a few beautiful and rustic pieces of furniture is up to you. If you love collecting and buying different individual pieces, then this style might be a great option, as you can mix and match as much as you like.

3. The Scandinavian style

This style is about more than just visiting IKEA and driving home with your car fully loaded. The Scandinavian style is a great choice for Canadian homes, as the climate in Scandinavia is quite similar to Canada.

The keywords here are light, neutral colors with a focus on minimalism and a few focus pieces to draw attention. As for color schemes we recommend white, gray and natural browns, with a few accent pieces in a bolder color for that popping contrast.

Considerations for homeowners

Before we sign off, it is important to understand that undertaking a home renovation is a significant investment that requires a lot of money and time.

Therefore, homeowners should carefully consider their goals, budget, and timeline before selecting a renovation style. Picking a style because it is popular in a given period, does not necessarily mean it will be popular a few years down the road.

So, if you intend on enjoying your renovations for years to come, then this will be less of an issue. But if you might be selling your home within 4-5 years, perhaps it might be better to pick a more timeless and traditional style.

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