The Benefits of Green Home Renovations

Anatomy of an Energy-Efficient Window

Besides the lower energy bills, there are many other benefits to renovating your home with a green and environmentally friendly perspective.

In this article we will cover some of the different ways that your upgrades can help our planet, possibly even a few you haven’t thought about before. So if you are considering hiring contractors, or beginning your own renovation project, keep reading for some inspiration and motivation!

Achieve a better indoor environment

Insulating your home to better withstand the cold Canadian seasons will not only help you save money on your energy bill, but also provide a better climate for yourself and your family. Another often overlooked fact is that insulation also provides better noise cancellation and acoustics in your home, increasing the comfort levels of everyone around.

You can also enjoy a better air quality in your home by reducing indoor air pollution and promoting better ventilation. Some of this will naturally happen as you insulate your home, but you can go even further and add vapor barriers in exposed areas to also combat humidity.

Reduce the amount of water used

There are many different ways in which to conserve water when implementing green home renovations, whether you are working on a landscaping project or fixing up the bathroom.

For instance, by installing a rain catcher you can use that free water for watering your plants during a dry spell, or even run it through a filter for an outdoor shower by using a gravity fed system that is low cost and easy to install.

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, then you might want to consider installing water saving faucets, shower heads and toilets. These upgrades can save you anywhere from 20% to more than 50% of the water used during a normal day. Over time it will add up to quite a bit of water saved, as the average Canadian person uses more than 300 liters of water each day.

Making life better for the wildlife

Not all home renovations take place inside. It is also possible to be green when working on a landscaping project. This can include only planting native plants that support the existing local biodiversity, and possibly even create new habitats for the wildlife in your immediate area.

Similarly, if you have any leftover materials from your renovation project, consider spending an afternoon with your children to create a few birdhouses. By making these out of your old materials, that you were going to toss out anyway, you can further help secure the local bird populations.

Allows for passive cooling and heating

Another often overlooked fact about green home renovations is the way in which we can use passive solar heating and other similar principles. For instance, windows facing south can allow more sunlight to enter, which can help to naturally warm the home during the winter months.

By choosing materials with a high level of thermal mass, you can achieve an effect in your home that naturally regulates the temperature during the warm and cold seasons, effectively cooling the home during summer, and heating it during winter.

Gone are the days where you needed to use adobe or rammed earth. In our modern times there have been huge advances made in this field, allowing for eco-friendly bricks, stones or concrete to be used that looks just as good as the traditional ones.