Design Strategies for Elevating Home Interiors

Design Strategies for Elevating Home Interiors

There are many different interior design philosophies out there, and most of them are viable options, and just down to personal preference. This is why it may come as a surprise to many people, that there are actually a handful of golden principles that can be used no matter which style you are aiming for, in order to achieve the best with what you got.

In this article we will explore some different strategies for taking your interior design to the next level, and achieving a personalized space that will impress your guests, improve your quality of life, and possibly even raising the value of your home in the process. Enjoy!

Light is Paramount

No matter if you are going for a modern scandinavian look, a rustic french interior or something else, using light to your advantage is important. In case you already have plenty of natural light coming into your home, it is just a case of making sure the furniture does not block it.

Otherwise it might be worth the investment to contract a professional home services company in order to create additional skylights, or increase the size of your windows. This will not only help lighten up the space, making it feel larger, it can also help the resale value of your home.

Choosing Statement Pieces and Furniture

Another important aspect to elevating the design of your home, is to make good use of unique statement pieces, that will make your home stand out while also reflecting your personality.

This could be in the form of abstract art for instance, if you are going for a New York style Loft with exposed brick walls, or classical paintings if you are choosing a more traditional interior in your home.

But you can also mix and match with care. If you have an heirloom piece with sentimental value, you should be able to mix it with your modern black and white design – just experiment until you find the right place for it.

Wall Treatments and Accent Features

This is a trend that has been gaining popularity across Canada in recent times. Whether you choose to try your own hand at selecting and implementing wall treatments for maximum impact, or choosing a professional home service company, this fairly inexpensive addition can add a touch of class and exclusivity to any room.

It is important to choose the right paint colors, textures, wallpapers, and architectural details that align with the design vision, so if you are in doubt, consider using contractors with a keen eye for interior design and experience in the field.

Open Concept Spaces

The last item on our list deals with one of the most sought after features for homebuyers in Canada. Having an open kitchen area is something that most families value these days, as it increases the amount of natural light, makes it easier to communicate and socialize, and thus adds extra value to your home.

For those that are worried about making it too open, it is still possible to make clever use of room dividers, rugs or carpets that designate different areas, or furniture placements that help create distinct zones, while still allowing an open layout.

This strategy tends to be fairly cheap as well, since it typically just requires knocking down a wall or beam, tidying up the mess left behind, and then applying a quick layer of paint or two.