Should you fix your drywall or let professionals handle it?

Fixing drywall with a handyman in East York. Franchise

When renovating an older home, it is often a good idea to replace the old wall finishing, in order to get a more energy efficient home, a modern and fashionable look, and to eliminate any potential issues before it is too late. But should you take on this project on your own, or leave it to professionals?

All this and more will be covered in this blog post, where we aim to provide our readers with an easy overview, so enjoy!

The basics of drywalling

Drywalling is essential for keeping the winter temperatures outside, and your home nice and warm. But why is that? And what benefits does drywalling and insulating offer that similar methods do not?

Drywalling is a method used for wall finishing, similarly to plastering, but compared to this method, offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Great insulating effect
  • Looks good and can be painted on
  • Cheaper
  • Resistant to fire

Doing it yourself

Alright, now that we’ve covered the drywall basics, it’s time to look closer at whether or not you should take on this project on your own.

One of the major considerations is the overall scope of the damage, cracks or wear and tear on the existing drywall. For tiny holes or issues, it is often possible to adequately repair these yourself, as long as you are willing to invest time into researching the proper methods, as well as money into the necessary equipment, tools and materials.

However, it is important to be aware that even minor drywall damage can be caused by a structural issue, meaning that any potential problems will most likely recur after patching up the drywall itself.

The process of doing this yourself can be time consuming, but for tiny patches it should be doable. You will need various bits of kit, such as drywall compound, masking tape, a special knife for cutting drywall, and more.

It can require a steady hand and a good eye for details when doing this yourself, as the end result will depend on how well each step in the process is completed.

Leaving it to professionals

Many homeowners in Canada prefer to let a skilled company handle drywalling projects, since there are many things that can go wrong, but also because it provides comfort in knowing that a professional and skilled worker has looked closer at the structural integrity of the home.

As mentioned earlier, issues with holes or cracks in your drywall can be caused by a serious issue with your walls or other parts of the structural and load bearing construction. At The HandyForce, we will always do a proper inspection to rule out any serious issues before starting work.

At the same time we will also be able to leverage our many years of experience in the industry, to help guide you towards the optimal choices for insulation, whether it is spray foam, batten, blown-in or foam boards.

We are also able to schedule an appointment with a professional from HandyForce, in order to evaluate the necessary steps, leaving the final decision of who to perform the actual work up to you.