About the many benefits of adding insulation

home insulation

With rising prices for warm water, electricity and gas, as well as growing concerns about our environment on a whole, there has never been a better time to consider insulating your home.

Especially in older homes, insulating can make a huge difference in your monthly bills, as well as your general health and comfort when living in a house that is warm year round, keeps the moisture out, and even has additional soundproofing and fire resistant properties.

So if you are interested in learning more about why insulating is considered one of the best investments you can make for your home, this blog post will get you up to speed with all the many benefits of insulation, as well as a few tips if you decide to move forward with the project.

Lowers your monthly expenses

In many cases you will be able to achieve significant savings on your electricity and water bills, by insulating exposed areas and padding the walls. The actual cost of insulating your home can often be drastically lower than the price you pay for installation, since you will reap the benefits of lower expenses for many years to come.

Combats the cold effectively

One of the major reasons people choose to insulate their homes, especially here in Canada, is due to the ever changing seasons, and especially winter. With temperatures dropping off near the end of summer, homeowners often prepare themselves for 5-7 months of cold weather.

But your home should always be your safe haven, and one of the best ways to make your home more comfortable is to ensure it is well insulated, so you can keep warm and cozy all year round.

Improves the value of the home

An often overlooked benefit of insulating a home or commercial property, is that you will effectively make the house more valuable when it becomes time to sell it on the market. People are willing to pay more for a properly insulated home, not just because of the lower heating bills, but equally so these days, because of the lower environmental impact the house has.

Provides a better indoor climate

A home that is not properly insulated will often be dealing with certain issues such as mold or rot. This is because when the colder air from the outside meets with the warmer air on the inside, a moisture barrier is created, and this can lead to serious health issues if not taken care of in time. Insulating your home helps keep you and your family safe and in good health.

Adds a layer of sound protection

Given the nature of insulating, it is only natural that an extra layer of material between the walls, or in the ceiling, will provide even more of a barrier for sound to travel through. This is a welcome additional benefit, especially in older homes there the sound can carry itself quite a distance.

Emits less greenhouse gas

A properly insulated home requires less heating and uses less electricity and or gas. This in turn leads to less of an impact in terms of the emitted CO2, thereby making the home more sustainable, as well as more desirable for the next generations.