Porch Pillars

In this project our client has their block support pillars deteriorating below soil and is needing to replace them as soon as possible. These pillars support the front porch roof and are also bearing the weight of the existing deck. This project has required architectural drawings, engineers approval, city permits and of course inspections.  Let us take you through the process of this project and you can continually come back for updates and more! This is the state of the porch before The Handy Force arrived!


The first step to this project was to remove and dispose of all windows, siding and interior to expose the existing structure. This allows us to know where we will need to build temporary supports that will take the weight of the roof once the pillars are removed. We arrange to meet with our engineer to obtain a clear design of how the supports should be built to meet Ontario Building Code guidelines. To ensure everything is weather and critter tight, we enclose the structure in tarps. During this time we building the necessary supports and await to meet with City of Toronto inspectors for approval. 20160503_101027 20160503_101111 IMG_20160510_100355 IMG_20160519_113952 IMG_20160519_113958