A good plumber will keep those drains flowing.


Did you know that the city of Toronto offers a financial subsidy of up to $3,400 per property to install flood protection devices including a backwater valve, a sump pump, and pipe severance and capping of the home's storm sewer or external weeping tile connection?  Hiring the right people can not only save you money but also protect your home.  


We can determine if you need a licensed plumber, or if a handyman can tackle your project ensuring that it is done right and costs kept low.  The HandyForce tackle the following and so much more:


  • Change a faucet
  • Install a new shower
  • Snake drains
  • Install a sump pump
  • Install a black flow drain
  • Change a shower control valve
  • Fix or replace an exterior tap


Give The HandyForce a call today at 647-427-RENO (7366) or contact us to book in a consultation with one our professionals.  Our team of professional handymen are to help!



Licensed Plumber in Toronto