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A full home renovation solution.

At The HandyForce, we strongly believe that people perform their best and are happiest when they are in their element.  Some people like to consult, so we have dedicated project consultants.  Some people are natural born leaders, so we have dedicated project managers.  Some people are good at tiling, so we have tilers.  Some are good at dry-walling, so we have dry-wallers,  all under one roof.  When you contract The HandyForce you are hiring a team of East York renovation specialists.  That means that the people working in your home are our employees - not subcontracted - so we can guarantee quality.

The HandyForce Handyman and Renovation Services

Handyman Service in Toronto and East York

Top to bottom, bathrooms, kitchens, basements and everything in between.

Is your kitchen dated?  Need a East York bathroom remodel?  Want to turn your basement into livable space?  We are here to make it happen.  We have years of experience doing just those things.  Thanks to a dedicated project manager and our in-house team, everything is coordinated like a well-oiled machine in phases.  As soon as one step of the job completes, the trades professionals for next the step of the project arrive because we don't rely on sub-contractors so we have tight control over the scheduling of your renovation.  That means we are in and out faster making it a less invasive process.

Experience related to your home specifically.

We are very particular about where we work.  We set up an office in an area and get to know the architecture of the homes there.  What that means is that when we come up with a plan for your home renovations, it is complete - no surprises or hidden costs.  Years of working on houses just like yours gives us an edge when it comes to anticipating what is behind your walls before we take them down so you know what you are getting into from the start. We are your one stop East York Renovation Contractor.

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