The HandyForce Guarantees
(Yep, there is more than one)

#1 - Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed

First: Preparation

We don't just send someone to work on your home.  Your home is something special; it is where you hang your hat, put your feet up and live.  We are not going to touch something that important until we are 100% positive that we are sending someone who knows how to do what you need done and is fully prepared to do it.  That's why we send one of our project consultants out first.  You can walk them though the whole scope of the work and they plan it out and provide you with a quote.

Second: Planning

At The HandyForce, nothing is 'ball-parked'.  Our quoting is no exception.  The way we build a quote is after one of our Project Consultants has seen your home and heard your dream, they build a job schedule.  We have a fancy built-just-for-us computer program that lets our Project Consultants enter details on a per day basis.  For example, on Day 1, two people (and their required skill sets) need to be there for X hours.  Then a material and disposal plan and budget is detailed for each day.  Once the schedule is completed, the program tells us the price.  That's what we call objective, not subjective, pricing.

Third: Expectations

Once you have granted us the opportunity to work on your home your Project Consultant comes back, and this time he or she brings along one of our Customer Experience Managers.  The Project Consultant walks you (the home owner) and the Customer Experience Manager through your whole project.  At this time we go over the details with you so you have a very specific understanding of what is going to happen and how we are going to do it.  Remember that schedule that your Project Consultant built?  Well, now the Customer Experience Manager uses that plan to coordinate and schedule your project.

Fourth: Communication

Our Customer Experience Managers are soft-spoken, friendly folk.  They are here at your every beck and call. You never have to chase down trades people, or argue about quality because their job is to resolve issues before you even see them making your life easier.  They are here to keep you up to date on what happened each day and how progress is coming.  They are always available by phone, e-mail or text and because our offices only service very small geographical areas, they are always just around the corner and can be at your home (if they aren't already) at a moment's notice to address any questions or concerns you have.

Fifth: Control

Since our Customer Experience Managers don't do the work, a large part of their job is objectively looking at your project and making sure it meets building code, is up to our standard for craftsmanship and cleanliness, and is conducted in a professional manner.  All of the people that will be working in your home are The HandyForce employees.  We are not a referral service or a sub-contracting business.  The trades professionals working in your home work directly for The HandyForce and do so in our uniform.  That gives us the last word in quality and craftsmanship.

Sixth: Inspection

Everyday your Customer Experience Manager is going to walk, inspect, photograph and update you on the entirety of your project.  This way, if something isn't going exactly to plan, we can catch it immediately and get things back on track.  They also act as a second pair of eyes and are very well-versed in Build Code to ensure that whatever we do, surpasses building standards.  At the very end of your project the Customer Experience Manager will walk you though the entire project just to ensure that everything meets your standard.   We don't leave, or get paid, until you say it is done.

#2 - One Year No Hassle Guarantee

Did you know that for most Canadian families their home is their single most valuable asset?  When The HandyForce is called upon to work on such an important piece of your equity, we take it very seriously, no matter how small the job is. 

That is why we offer a full One Year No Hassle Guarantee on all the work we perform.  If anything goes wrong, doesn't last, falls apart, cracks or breaks because of our craftsmanship within a year of completion, we will fix it at no charge to you.  Honestly.

What about 'surprises'?  Sometimes things, despite our best effort, happen.  A plumbing solder comes loose, drywall we installed cracked, a new door is sticking, whatever - that's all covered too.  We stand behind what we do and we are passionate about our craft.  All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to prove it.