Home Electrical Services

Our ESA certified electricians are here to give you peace of mind.


Sometimes an ESA Certified Electricians in Toronto is needed for larger, more complex electrical work and other times a handyman can tackle the job safely - know when to use who is essential.  That's why, at The HandyForce, we have both on staff and our project managers know when each is required keeping you safe and costs down.


The HandyForce can handle all your electrical needs from:

  • Changing a light light bulb or fixture
  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Changing a dimmer
  • Changing a thermostat
  • Add more electrical outlets
  • Troubleshooting and fixing electrical outlets
  • Upgrading an electrical panel
  • Adding AFCI and GFCI's
  • Rewiring a home
  • Replacing knob and tube


Give The HandyForce a call today at 647-427-RENO (7366) or contact us to book in a consultation with one our professionals.  Our team of professional handymen are to help! - You don't have to live with cracks in your walls!



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