Our Work

Porch Pillars

In this project our client has their block support pillars deteriorating below soil and is needing to replace them as soon as possible. These pillars support the front porch roof and are also bearing the weight of the existing deck. This project has required architectural drawings, engineers approval, city permits and of course inspections.  Let us take you through the process of this project and you can continually come back for updates and more! This is the state of the porch before The Handy Force arrived!


The first step to this project was to remove and dispose of all windows, siding and interior to expose the existing structure. This allows us to know where we will need to build temporary supports that will take the weight of the roof once the pillars are removed. We arrange to meet with our engineer to obtain a clear design of how the supports should be built to meet Ontario Building Code guidelines. To ensure everything is weather and critter tight, we enclose the structure in tarps. During this time we building the necessary supports and await to meet with City of Toronto inspectors for approval. 20160503_101027 20160503_101111 IMG_20160510_100355 IMG_20160519_113952 IMG_20160519_113958

Exterior Capping and Security

Like we say, we are the “odd jobs people”. Yes, we may be odd but that’s not my point! Being odd gives us the opportunity to tackle many different aspects of construction and very versatile for whatever project you may have in store for us. Our client here was looking to cap some exterior wood trim that kept rotting away and also add some security to their back french doors. We installed custom bent aluminum flashing and steel security doors with added design. IMG_3423IMG_3848IMG_3156 IMG_3157 IMG_3158 IMG_3159

Condominium Sliding Door and Flooring Upgrade

In this project our client had dated parquet flooring and a sliding door that didn’t really cooperate anymore. We replaced the flooring with engineered hardwood and installed a custom glass sliding door making the condo unit look brand new! IMG_20160203_120610 IMG_20160203_120719 IMG_20160308_104903 IMG_20160308_104908 IMG_20160308_104914

Basement Laundry / Bathroom

In this project, our client had a basement bathroom and laundry area with old tile floors, plumbing running on the outside of the wall and no proper connection to vent the dryer. We removed one of the external walls that was built out of strapping on concrete and framed a new wall to accommodate for proper installation of plumbing and electrical. We then built a bulkhead to run the venting and tie into the existing line. With some new drywall, trim, flooring and paint it completely transforms the room.

Don’t hesitate, call us today and get yours fixed to ! IMG_20160203_135407 IMG_20160203_135413 IMG_20160203_135442 IMG_20160209_113128IMG_3056

Front Door Entry

In this project, our client wanted to enclose a block opening at the front of their home. They wanted added security, but a high quality front door. We provided and installed a beautiful oak stained door that is able to withstand the different weather elements with no shrinking or warping. Looking to spice up the front of your home? Call us!  IMG_20160212_095108 IMG_20160212_100821 IMG_20160212_164954IMG_20160212_165126

Definitely an Odd Job!

Our client had come to us seeking a solution that has to be both useful and cost effective . They needed to help the snow plows avoid hitting their downspout and concrete curb when removing the snow. We came up with the solution of digging down 4 feet,  and installing a steel beam to act as a barricade. We then filled the hole with crushed gravel, limestone, concrete and topped it off with an asphalt finish. Like we say, BIG or small, we do em’ all! IMG_20160115_090840IMG_20160115_090828

Wall Down, Kitchen Up

Big or small, we do em all! Our client had an existing load bearing wall they wanted removed to open up their kitchen. With the help of our architects, we made that vision come true. We installed new support beams and post, new hardwood flooring, new cabinets and counter tops and a big full wall window to open up to their backyard. Take a look and just imagine what we could do for your home!IMG_20150109_173350 IMG_20150109_175727 IMG_20150130_135052 IMG_20150130_135106 IMG_20150203_091149 IMG_20150212_101019

Filing In The Gaps

Inherited a backyard needing a bigger landscaped area? Our client needed to fill in an area, and tie it into the existing to accommodate their wheel chair. We love to be there to help! IMG_20140811_164817IMG_20140811_164813 IMG_20140811_164826

Kitchen Lipstick

Feel like your kitchen in falling behind with the times? Our client did and with a new counter top, backsplash and under counter lighting, you feel like you’re in a different house!IMG_20140616_165952IMG_20140616_165938IMG_20140711_124314

Small Flower Bed

In many homes we work on, we always face the fun challenge of old craftsmanship. Our client had a small cement garden bed that kept on detonating. We decided to change the concept a little and install landscape railway ties to ensure less maintenance and a cleaner look.